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It all began in 2004 when I bought a tee shirt (the seed) at an urban clothing store in Philadelphia. This particularly inspiring shirt was the color of chocolate with a tan graphic. There was nothing on the back of the shirt, but the front contained a simple, yet powerful design. It displayed an American Flag with the word "MINE" beneath it. So, within a few days, I was on a LONG car ride to Toronto, Canada for a three-day music festival. This car ride happened to be the first time I donned this idea-sparking tee shirt. After a few hours of peering out the van's windows, I looked down and began to analyze the design, material, and the ink. I realized that a tee shirt would be an amazing canvas to print my thoughts on. The seed was planted.

I continued to water this figurative seed with ideas while in Canada and also on the ride back to our college campus in West Chester, Pennsylvania. With a little bit of sunlight, the seed sprouted into a tree of 400 tee shirts just in time for our Homecoming Weekend at West Chester University. Every tee shirt, even the one right off my back, was sold within two days. From there, I couldn’t stop. I began to create, design, and market a brand image: BreakawayINK.

Today, the BreakawayINK Apparel tree still thrives. In April of 2010, we Re:Branded and are pushing forward harder and smarter than ever. So, thank you for your continued support of this tree that grew FROM THE UNDERGROUND and began with a seed that was FAR FROM ORDINARY. Our promise to you is to "Deliver confidence through design."